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Welcome to Absolute's Store

Absolute Organic, an organic store, on AECS Layout, has been launched in Aug 2016 with an intention to provide 100% safe and fertilizer-free food to health conscious people.   Apart from food products, we also provide natural and 100% Organic Certified Cosmetics which are free from artificial resins and completely safe to human body.

 We would like to promote a healthy living thereby providing 100% hazardous free products with an aim to curb chronic diseases (in the long run.)  We strongly feel        there is a need to spread awareness among the people that our general health and day-to-day well-being entirely depends on our diet.

Every person should aim at following the purest form of diet, rather than ruining one’s body, soul and mind.We provide a wide range of superfoods which directly or indirectly act as an agent to cure the chronic ailments.

Our advice to you all… Eat the Best… Leave the Rest…

But practically it’s impossible.  Today, each one of us are leading an extremely hectic life (or life style), coping with the work pressure at office, simultaneously managing the household chores, personal responsibilities and trying to handle the day-to-day challenges in life..  To top it all, we have been continuously exposed to pollution either in the form of chemical substances polluting the air, noise, heat, light  or any other form of chemical energy since most of us are put up in metropolitan cities and totally cut-off from the natural environment.  This causes an adverse impact on our health.  But, needless to say, this cannot be avoided, as we have no choice but to live with it. 

On the contrary, to compromise on these adverse effects on our health, its time for every individual to opt for a healthy and chemical - free diet thereby consuming organic food and using organic certified or natural products.

Gradually cutting down on junk or outside food is definitely the need of the hour.  We precisely emphasise on Healthy Eating at Home.  By doing so, we are not only sure about the purity of the food that we consume but also the hygiene that it guarantees. 

P.VAYNUGOPAAL came up with this store to serve the organic needs of people, be it green groceries, fruits, pulses, cereals, mutli-grain flour, millets, quinoa rice, buck wheat, spices, jaggery, Khandasari sugar and palm sugar, cold pressed oils, fruit juices and health drinks, health bars and pure dark chocolates, apple cider vinegar and honey, eggs and bakery items, pasta and multi-millet noodles, millet cookies, chips, namkeens and Home made Ooty Chocolates.  We also offer a whole lot of super foods like exotic berries, nuts, seeds and dry fruits which are packed with nutrients.

Apart from food products, we also provide Organically Certified cosmetic and health products, cleaning agents, mosquito and insects repellents, dhoop/incense sticks etc. Considering the varying needs of every customer, we have tried our level best to offer a large variety of Certified Organic  products under one roof. 

With immense pride and self-satisfaction, we claim (or state) that our store provides more than 400 products manufactured/marketed by most of the leading organic brands spread across the country……

We shall be greatly pleased to see you at our store at your convenience.

Contact us:

300,1ST Floor,Above Cloud Nine Clinic,

'A' Block,AECS Layout,Kundanhalli